Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I'm Going to Ireland!!

I don't know when, or with what money. But I'm convinced that I must go so I can get me an Irish man. Preferably one that plays the guitar. Preferably without a shirt. Preferably hot "living guy" in P.S. I Love You. No more chick flicks. I can't handle it.

The pic was found at http://jeffreydeanmorganfans.com/


random thoughts said...

I have family in the form of cousins and aunts from my mama's side in Ireland. I visited them once upon a time, and we write Christmas cards each year. I feel as though that warrents us being able to stay with them for a jaunt in the land of Ire, dont' you? I do.

Toni said...

That's an awful show! I was depressed through the whole thing --the occasional glipse of the pretty men did make it slightly better :)

Kelly said...

SARAH!!!!! I'm coming with you!!! Seriously, that's my dream. IRELAND! Or England or Scotland or Italy -- perferrably where it's green, and yes, men shirtless with a guitar and sexy voice. Mmmmmmmm.
PS I Love You is one of my absolute faves!! I could watch it over and over....I love it!!!

Christin Bott said...

Sarah Jane, through a grouling day of searching online, I finally found your blog!
I would join you in Ireland in a heartbeat.

Café Chick said...

Oooh, yes - everyone needs a good Irishman! Go and find one ... you'll love it. :-)