Monday, September 29, 2008

Freakin Follow Through

Thank you Gavin DeGraw. Thank you for putting every emotion I've ever had about the opposite sex into one really great song. Also thank you for coming to the smallest venue in the Greater Salt Lake area so I could buy a ticket for 25 bucks and stand four people away from your stage. Thank you for wearing that tight-fitting t-shirt and strutting your very attractive self all around the stage. Thank you for doing push ups in your free time. They're really paying off. Thank you for putting glitter on your piano-it looks cool. Thank you for singing "Thank You" at your concert. But most of all, thank you for saying every so frankly saying
"Oh, if you wanna be with me you'll have to FOLLOW THROUGH with every word you say. And I, all I really want is you-for you to stick around. I'll see you every day. But you have to FOLLOW THROUGH."
I have felt that way through most of my teenage/young adult years. And now, as I'm moving my through my mid-twenties, I'd like to request a new verse, or perhaps a second bridge to this song. It should say something to the effect of "if you DON'T WANT to be with me, don't say that you would like to do something this weekend. I don't like feeling confused, and I don't like wasting my time. So if you don't want to follow through, then just go away."
And if you could also write a song about the meaning of "I'll call you on Friday"/"friends can call each other on the phone" that would be great too. Rock on.

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