Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Scotsman, The Good Lord, and Salmon

How I do miss putting my hands up with my Aggie family, and "milking the cow", I am speaking about an actual Scotsman. From Scotland. His name is Ken, and he's just a doll. I met him at my old work almost 2 years ago, and he and his wife Shirley, and me and my girl Kelli really hit it off. Ken and I have been emailing back and forth, and he came into town last week to visit Rely and Josie. I took him from his hotel in SLC to Logan, and found that he is quite the religious man. Our hour and a half drive to Logan consisted of lots of stories about "God's Word" and "Praise the Lord", etc etc. It's so cool that he is that enthusiastic about his faith in the Lord. He likes to talk. Well, last night, Kelli and I drove up to Logan to have dinner with Ken. We went to the Bluebird, where he told Kelli about "God's Word" and "Praise the Lord" etc. Kelli and I were quite parched from our long and hot drive, and as soon as they brought out the soup and rolls, we were stuffing our face, and no doubt, praising the Lord for water. And just as I was finishing up my roll, Ken said "Should we say a blessing over the food?" and Kelli and I looked at each other--he had just finished asking us what church we belonged to- and then we don't say a prayer before we eat. What a terrible example, and an awkward moment! But then he DID pray over the food, very enthusiastically, and let's just say it was like when you get the giggles in church and you can't quite hide it. I couldn't tell you why it was so funny. I was just so embarrassed that he had to suggest it, and B)that I was laughing. (But it is STILL funny) Maybe you had to be there. I'm all about praying before I eat-- it's just that I usually don't vocally in a restuarant. It's just the area and the culture. Boy, was that good salmon.

Ken got us each a keychain from Scotland. He's just the sweetest man. He talked about a woman he once knew who has passed away from cancer. He alluded to the theory of being "saved". He said "I knew she hadn't learned God's word, and I didn't want her to go to Hell, so I wanted to teach it to her." or something to that effect. I was just thinking a lot last night about my Savior, and my Heavenly Father. And I just know that there is so much more than that. A sweet woman, dying of cancer, raising 2 kids by herself. . . Heavenly Father is not going to send her to Hell because she hasn't read the Bible before she dies. He loves His children too much for that. Ken and I will have some good letters to write. I hope.

On a lighter note, today at work:

I met the owner. He's attractive, flirtatious, and old enough to be my father. Hmm.

We were short this morning, meaning between the hours of 6am and 8am, there were a total of 2 people to wake up/change the whole building. Re-freaking-diculous.

I went to wake up this nice old man for breakfast. He rolls over, says "Hi doll" and grabbs my crotch. All I could muster was "NOT APPROPRIATE!" then I ran out of the room.

I really really like the people I work with. That makes all the hell "dealable".

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Kelly said...

Ha, oh what a fabulous recap of that wonderful night. I love that going into it, we KNEW we'd be walking away with some kind of strange/funny adventure we'd just experienced. And wow - crotch-grabbing?! Ha ha. How funny.. and way awkward!!