Friday, August 22, 2008

The New Girl in Town

Even though "Hairspray" makes it sound so glamourous and mysterious, really-being the new girl in town just makes a girl feel ridiculous.

So I got a new J-O-B, and it's KILLING ME! I actually am catching on quite quickly, seeing as though my first day was Monday, and I have finished my third shift, being trained one day as an aide and one day as a med-aid. Today I was by myself working one hall and passing all the upstairs pills. I have been punched in the face (Yeah, that was my first day),slapped, called a slut by a man who was trying to de-pants me while I was showering him, kissed, hugged, and asked if I was the sister of "Mexi-Russ"--- AND today I gave 3 people morphine and methadone! I worked from 6 to 2:30 today with no break. And really, I quite like being busy- I don't mind not having down time because it makes the day go crazy fast. But I would like to not feel so behind all day long. More later. Must buy Gavin Degraw tickets.


Toni said...

Sarah, you make me laugh SO hard!!!! Hang in there, you will love it soon enough, and I'm not sure how it happens, but eventually the getting hit and punched and hit on at work becomes all part of the norm. Remember the first time I got bled on at work when I was in the ER, and how it was like the greatest day of my life? Welcome to the crazy life ;) Love you!

random thoughts said...

thank you sarah, that song will now be going through my head aaaalll night... I hope the roommates haven't assisted in the feeling silly about being the new kid in town! love you roomie! :)

Kelly said...

Where do you work? And hey, we should play since we live in the same valley again! I can show ya the ropes of Salt Lake, it's a good place. I love it!