Thursday, August 7, 2008

So many imperfections


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6 unspectacular quirks. Hmm. I know I annoy the crap out of people, and myself, and I'm thinking very hard about why.

1. I eat disturbingly fast. I think it came from being in grade school. We often would only have 10 minutes to get thru the line and to eat everything before we went outside for recess. Those nuns would rush us, almost like a little Catholic boot camp, leaning over our shoulders, verbally shoving spinach down our throats. I try not to be unruly in restaurants. I try to sit up straight and put my fork down between each bite. But often times I find myself hunched over my plate, trying to scarf down everything I can before the mean Sister Prudence with 6 fingers comes and takes my sandwich away because everyone else is outside. Ok, that can't happen anymore, because I'm 25, and because I believe Sister Prudence is dead.

2. I should have named this one first. I snort when I laugh. Some find it endearing, I find it humiliating. It always happens at horrible times. Like for instance, the other night we went to see "Get Smart", which is one of the funniest shows ever made. Within the first 5 minutes, I am laughing really hard, and it gets really quiet. Then. . . "Snort." Of course, when no one else is laughing, and the whole audience burst into laughter. At me. It happens all the time, at the movies, in the grocery, at restaurants, in church. . . how sad. So please be kind to those who snort. They can't help it, and it's hard enough living with yourself when you make pig sounds.

3. I fall asleep during movies. It doesn't matter if it's 3:00 in the afternoon or at a midnight show. Sit me down in a dark room, give me two minutes, and I'm gone. I slept thru most of "James Bond 007". In the theater. Have you seen that? It's LOUD. I also missed a very important half hour of Pirates of the Carribean II. I know, I put a damper on the fun. I always used to make fun of my Grandma because the minute she would sit down, her chin would drop. I'm 1/3 her age, and I do the same thing.

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