Monday, July 21, 2008

Why so serious?

Who saw Batman this weekend?

It was pretty much the weekend of movies. Saw Batman with a girl from work. Rest in peace, Heath Ledger. Then we went to the cheap movie on Saturday and saw Indiana Jones. It was pretty good. I hate snakes. And last night, watched Braveheart for the first time ever. It was edited, and I was glad. But what a crazy-sad movie. Aw, poor William Wallace. Aside from the weekend of movies, yesterday I wrote letters. I played the organ. I accompanied the choir. Made some blueberry muffins (which were quite good) and I talked to Aunt Meg. It was a good day. I finally wrote Maureen a nice little letter, hopefully she thinks it's nice.

Anyway, I am antsy today, and it was a crappy day at work. And I get to go back to train. Here is one example of the crappiness that went on:

Resident "Bob" never wants anything to drink at lunch time. I took his order, and went to get his salad off the front table when he yells "Hey!" I turn around to see him holding up his glass. I said "Oh, 'Bob', you want some water today?" and I began to pour water into his glass. He yelled "NOOO!" and dumped the glass of water onto the table.

I am unable to keep my mouth shut anymore, so I said "Now, was that really necessary?"

My last day is August 12. It almost can't come soon enough.


jill said...

batman was freaking awesome.

The snakes didn't bother me it was the ants...

And yay for almost being done!!

random thoughts said...

"Now was that really necessary?" I should adopt that phrase when dealing with the jems at my job. I have been asked which job requires more patience the hotel or working with Josh who has Autism, ADHD, and OCD... most of the time it is the hotel.. I exepct to need patience with Josh.. but working with the public just flat out sucks. I rarely keep my mouth shut as often as I should. This job is turing me into a hag... yayayaya you move sooon!

Toni said...

Lol!!! I love it! I have not seen any of the movies you saw this weekend, but wanted to see all of them. Minus the snakes and ants :)