Monday, July 14, 2008

Onward, pressing onward!

Holla! Who yo CNA? Dat's right-I AM! Bahahaha. I think probably the best feeling in the world is being finished with a class. Like that feeling when you finish your last final and you have the whole break. . . there's nothing like it. And that is how I feel. I have passed my CNA test, and I'm moving on the bigger and better things. Moving in hopefully the second week of August to cute Meghan's cute apartment with her cute roommates in Sandy. What a relief. I went down last Thursday and looked at the apt, and I loved it. Feel good about it. So in the words of Nelly, "Where da party at?" It's in Sandy. "Where da bacardi at?" Let's not talk about bacardi, cuz I think it sounds kinda good.

On a different note, stupid "Ike" freakin picked me up last night at choir. Not like "pick up line", but physically picked me up. He ran up to me and said "Sarah! I miss you girl!" And he picked me up. I hate when people do that. It makes me feel chubby. But really, Ike, stop touching me. You left me on a mountain, and you don't get to touch me.

List of things to do: budget this whole move thing, get me a J-O-B, make my grandma something cute and crafty for her birthday, EXERCISE OFF THE 7 POUNDS I'VE GAINED AT LAVA THIS WEEKEND.

I feel to scatterbrained to make any more sense.


Toni said...

Oh, Sweetie! I'm so proud! I knew you could do it! I did get mail from you and it made my day ...twice! They are both hanging proudly on my fridge! Love and miss you! And I didn't know you were moving! We should talk again sometime soon ...maybe this time about something other than me ;)

sarahbrowniz said...

Oh but I like to talk about you. I often feel quite sick of myself:o) Yes, I am moving, but not too far, so that's good:o) I'm always up for a chat with you friend.

Oh yes, yesterday we went out for James's birthday. I wore my clink shirt you made me, and I think it had an effect on the WHOLE group!

jill said...

Yo. I am so proud of you, and am excited you are moving down...megs house, fun!